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Independent Prosecutor

We need an independent prosecutor right freaking now, folks. I don’t give a damn what political party you belong to. We need to know what the hell is going on with Trump’s ties to Russia. If you didn’t grow up with the Soviet Union, you can almost be forgiven for not understanding why this is such a major issue. Please look into it, though, because that past history is extremely important. The Soviet Union would have given anything to control the White House. Putin is former KGB, and has an eye to rebuild the territory that used to be the Soviet Union. Neither of those are state secrets. The threat has not really gone down since the fall of the Soviet Union. It’s just taken different shapes. And with Trump’s ego, he might have been precisely the kind of useful idiot the KGB liked. He might have been played like a freaking fiddle.
Let’s look at the three recent big events: Trump fired Comey….within days of it coming out that Comey essentially lied to Congress about the Clinton emails that were found on Weiner’s laptop. And let’s not forget that Comey also recently announced that the FBI was investigating the Russian ties. And add into that the reports that Trump’s personal security guard and longtime friend was the one who delivered the letter firing Comey? If those reports are true? That’s a personal move. That’s not political.
On a note unrelated to Russia, the campaign website is scrubbed of any information that might give a history of His Majesty’s previous stances on issues like the Muslim ban, which is an obvious middle finger to the Ninth Circuit, even though just about anyone who uses the internet regularly knows that major websites like that are definitely grabbed by the Wayback Machine. (And that move of their servers out of the US looks so freaking prescient right now.) This definitely signals a disregard for American jurisprudence and the Constitution.
And then there’s the Yates testimony, basically proving beyond any and all doubt that Trump was not just warned about Flynn’s ties to Russia, he apparently did not give a rat’s ass about the probability that his own National Security Adviser was compromised and a known foreign agent. If Trump didn’t think Flynn was compromised, it apparently didn’t matter to him. And the person who told him that Flynn was compromised? Fired.
All three of these events reek of actions taken in response to information that makes Trump and his “presidency” look bad or illegitimate. Firing Comey suggests that he can try to get an FBI director who he can exert more control over, and attempt to kill the Russia investigation in the crib. Scrubbing the website is an obvious (if unbelievably incompetent) attempt to eliminate the source of the documents that caused his precious Muslim ban to be shot down. Yates? Trump is old enough to remember when the Soviets were an existential threat to the country. To have lived through that time, and not move when told that one of your advisers had been compromised? That’s either one of two things: incompetence, or complicity. Incompetence makes him look bad. Complicity makes him illegitimate, and possibly criminal.
How in the world is this going to “Make America Great Again”? Mind you, I’m still waiting on why we weren’t already “great”, but that’s a whole different conversation.

  1. Bytowner
    May 10, 2017 at 12:45 am | #1

    One theory? The doctrine of “Greatness through cruelty”.

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