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Meet Astrid the mermaid in MERMAIDS 13

mermaids13Astrid has been working with the Norwegian navy during the early years of World War II to help Norway not only protect its waters, but make sure Norway’s neutrality is protected.  What the admiralty doesn’t know is that she is really the servant of a master they’ve long forgotten about, the Nøkken.  She’s working with the humans to protect the Nøkken’s Realm.  What happens when the German prison ship Altmark ventures into neutral Norwegian waters trying to escape British capture?  Based on the true story of the Altmark incident, “At The Waterline” tells of one mermaid’s battle between her loyalties to her lord, and her desire to help the humans escape a fate worse than death.

I’m working on getting the terriosborne.com store up and running.  In the meantime, if you’d like to purchase a copy, please feel free to use these links for Amazon.com.  Terriosborne.com is an Amazon associate site.  All sales made through these links serve to keep the site running:

For paperback (which I will happily autograph for you when our paths cross next):
MERMAIDS 13: Tales From The Sea

If you have any Kindle-enabled device, you can procure the book for just $4.99 at this link:
MERMAIDS 13: Tales From The Sea (Padwolf 13)

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