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Meet Raina and Fen in APOCALYPSE 13

Apocalypse 13 cover

For those who’ve been hearing me talk about Raina and Fen for far too long, they have made their debut in the Padwolf Publishing anthology Apocalypse 13.  The story is, of course, “A Djinn, A Werewolf, and Grey Walk Into a Bar”.  While it sounds like the start of a wicked joke?  It’s the story of what happens when a suicidal (and genocidal) grey alien who has been stranded on Earth for far, far too long decides he’d rather take the entire place out than be here one more day.  Raina and Fen are the djinn and werewolf who have to stop him and save the planet.

I’m working on getting the terriosborne.com store up and running.  In the meantime, if you’d like to purchase a copy, please feel free to use these links for Amazon.com.  Terriosborne.com is an Amazon associate site.  All sales made through these links serve to keep the site running:

For paperback (which I will happily autograph for you when our paths cross next):
Apocalypse 13

If you have any Kindle-enabled device, you can procure the book for just $4.99 at this link:
Apocalypse 13 (Padwolf 13)

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