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On the wine front–United Federation Of Planets 2017 Old Vine Zinfandel

April 10, 2020 Leave a comment

One thing about this “stay at home” order, I am getting a lot of use out of the Coravin I bought on sale in February. Just dropped my needle into the 2017 Old Vine Zinfandel from the Star Trek Wines 2-pack celebrating Star Trek: Picard. I am not one for dry wines, just to warn everyone ahead of time, but I do tend to favor red and desert wines.

This is just a scrumptious wine. Winemaker’s notes: “Elegant, stately and dignified are but a few words to describe the wine that Federation dignitaries might enjoy at their gatherings. It has aromatics of concentrated strawberry, blackberry and plum preserves with a chewy-layered mid-palate filled with hints of white peppercorn, sweet red and black fruit.”

Yeah, while I’m not entirely sure I can taste the white peppercorn, the rest I will absolutely agree with here. I don’t think I could add anything else to that description, to be honest. I wouldn’t say it’s quite worth $50.00 a bottle as a general wine purchase, but I do consider the special edition Trek bottle to be part of that cost. That puts it a little closer to being worth it. In addition, I am seeing some other 2017 Sonoma County old vine zins that I am going to be more inclined to try considering how please I am with this one.

No, I haven’t tried the Chateau Picard bottle yet. I may drop my needle into that for Easter.